Get involved with TCCU

Maybe you're a fresher coming up to Trinity this year, or you've been around college for some time now and want to get involved: either way, we've tried to put together a brief summary of what we do, and when it usually happens, to give more of an idea of what happens in TCCU. Locations vary from event to event, so get in contact to find out some specifics.

An (old!) photo of the college group

We host a weekly college group meeting, on a Monday evening, where we meet to talk through a passage from the Bible, pray, and also have a chat and catch up with everyone.

Prayer meetings

Every Thursday, we meet together to pray for eachother and for the CU, with those of us who have the time going on for a breakfast in hall.

Members of TCCU on a trip to Norwich

If you're a fresher, we run events in Freshers' Week so you can get to know TCCU better. Keep an eye on the TCSU Freshers' Handbook for more information. We also run church search breakfasts on the first few Sundays of term, so you can join TCCU members as they go to various churches. Take a look at our Freshers page for more information on this, and keep your eyes peeled in the Facebook Freshers' Group!

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